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It's your wedding day and you've planned everything yourself, including the timeline of events and contacting vendors. You're enjoying your morning with your girls, just about to get your hair and makeup done, and then your phone starts blowing up: your vendors are also preparing for your day and are starting to arrive to the venue to set-up, asking where to park. The caterers are asking to confirm the guest count for the bar, while the florists want to double check the set-up of the ceremony backdrop. Your overwhelming stress starts to kick in as you go back and forth: did I bring my computer? Would it be possible to find the emails? Could I send my cousin, but how would she know what to do? Ah!

Avoid this scenario on your special day, and do yourself a favor and hire yourself a coordinator or wedding planner to relieve the stress on your wedding day. Not every wedding coordinator/planner is the same in terms of how we work, but we'll explain what it's like to partner with TMW Series Coordination and how we can help reduce wedding planning stress.

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What does a coordinator do for me?

From the moment you book, coordinator's are consistently available by text/phone, and happily share our industry knowledge with you. On the wedding day we are the first on site and the last one to leave. We adjust accordingly to the situation at hand: babysitter, project manager, therapist, friend, etc.,

We are there to ensure that wedding planning comes at an ease for you and your fiance, and that your wedding day is as stressless as possible.

How did you get started in this industry/trade?

I began day-of coordination with The Invisible Hostess under Sheena Kalso in 2013, helping plan and execute up to 25 weddings/year. Since then, I truly fell in love with the industry and knew I ultimately wanted to end up back here.

Are there any specific weddings you specialize in?

We love all weddings, but we truly specialize in micro-weddings and elopements (mini wedding series, ha!).

Walk me through your booking process.

Building a relationships, connection, and communication are most important to us at TMW Series. When you reach out to us, we'll make it our highest priority to get back to you with 24 hours in order to schedule a complimentary in-person meet + greet, where we'll gather information about you and your fiance, your upcoming wedding, and see if we're a good fit for each other! After the meeting, we send over a summary of our meeting, in which you respond to let us know either yes or no. If we both agree, we'll send over an agreement to become planning partners in crime!

What are some FAQs during your consultations and/or during the process that you specifically help couples with?

Vendor Hiring Timeline: probably one of our most frequently asked questions! We always get asked when to hire specific vendors (including your coordinator - it's asked: "are we meeting with you at the right time?"). Our advice is to hire these top 3 first, to ensure that your most wanted vendor is available on your specific wedding date:

  • Venue

  • Photographer

  • Day-of Coordinator

Vendor recommendations: we've worked with some stellar vendors, and we are proud to be able to recommend them to our clients depending on your specific budget/style of wedding.

How much? We don't post our pricing on our site, so we receive this question quite a bit. Our services are unique because we only offer day-of coordination, which are one standard base fee. However, we are able to adjust if you need add-on options: event design, vendor planning, etc. We always suggest booking at our base fee, and if anything changes/happens, we can go from there.

How do you work with other vendors?

The most important job a coordinator has is to communicate and manage the vendors for your day. While every vendor specializes in their trade, has their own specific set-ups, and knows what they're doing, it is up to the coordinator to ensure that each vendor is holding up to their contract, and exceeding expectations.

Our services truly begin 3 months out from your wedding date, and after our 1 month out pre-wedding meeting, this is when we really take the reins from you in regards to vendor communication. From our meeting, we take the information and create a multi-page master day-of timeline on GoogleDocs, so that it's viewable and editable by all.

You deserve a stress-free wedding day: be a part of the day rather than stressing about it and trying to manage and work it. Don't leave it up to a friend or a cousin that is all of sudden into planning - especially since they'll want to be a part of your day as well.

If you’re looking for a dream team on your wedding day so you can relax and enjoy the moment, inquire here: we're gonna make the best team ever!




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