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At TMW Series Events, we are dedicated to making every experience an extraordinary and unique one, just like you. Our goal is to create a memory that will last a lifetime for our clients. We believe in quality over quantity, and we will always strive to make sure every experience is a pleasurable and meaningful one. We set out on a mission to reduce and reuse, because we have seen how much waste just one wedding creates, and we wanted to seek out a way to better ourselves in the industry. Along the way, we crave to create long lasting relationships that turn into friendships. Welcome to The Mini Wedding Series. We're so incredibly glad you're here.

Mary Hill Jensen

Graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing and a minor in Entrepreneurship, and with over six years in the event industry at Microsoft and Non-Profit, including working behind-the-scenes with award winning Wedding Coordinator, Sheena Kalso from The Invisible Hostess, Mary brings valuable experience from inside the wedding industry and is extremely passionate about the work she creates, especially when it comes to weddings.


The idea for TMW Series came to her while working her everyday job, and she texted Liz simply asking, "why if I were to do this in Seattle..." and immediately, she told Mary to chase her dreams as fast as she could, pushing her towards her passion and first love.

Mary offers extensive industry knowledge, customer service and communication and organizational skills, but specializes in vendor outreach and partnership.

Behind the Scenes


Favorite Guilty Pleasure: Friday nights on the couch, over-ordering copious amount of sushi 

Favorite People in the World: Addie the Pitbull Bear and Bug the Pug

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